Naruto Fan-Fiction

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Hello, and welcome to Naruto Fan-Fiction! :D

This is a site for our fan fiction that we are working on. We will put up characters, pictures, and eventually, the fan fiction itself!

This is also a place were you can "role-play"  in the world of Naruto, and even give us some characters that we may use!  

The plan now is that the story will take place in the past when Naruto is 8, then it will move into when Naruto goes through the Chunin Exams, then into the Great Ninja War.  Each story will involve more interaction between the characters. 

This is a project we're all doing on the side, so please be patient with us! We're working on it every time we can, and we're doing our best! ^-^ Thanks to everyone who subscribes, and we hope you contribute to and enjoy our work!